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Our Story

The idea to found Lua Non was inspired by the transformative role that education played in my family’s history.


Both my parents grew up in poor families in post-war Vietnam. My father used to walk barefoot 15 miles a day to attend school. At night he studied under the faint light of a kerosene lamp since during the day he had to help my grandparents in the rice fields. My mother looked after her younger siblings and helped my grandmother sell chicken at the market on top of attending school. This was and still is a reality for many Vietnamese children.


Later my parents were selected among the few students in their hometowns to attend college in Russia on a full scholarship. They seized the opportunity and were able to run their own business, raise their children with access to high-quality education, and support their families in Vietnam.

My family is incredibly grateful for the opportunities we were given and are cognizant that not many are as lucky as ourselves. With Lua Non foundation, we wanted to give back to the communities that nourished our family by taking care of young people in rural Vietnam. We are here to support Vietnamese youth to fulfill their dreams and lead healthy, happy lives using the resources and connections we are so privileged to have.

Meet Our Team


Luba Le Xuan


Although I wasn't born in Vietnam and lived almost entirely in Russia and the U.S., I feel at home in Vietnam and love it dearly. Visiting my relatives in Vietnam, some of whom are still struggling financially, made me aware of the privilege I hold relative to them that allows me to define my life the way I want to.

I have been struggling to internalize this injustice and one way I thought of addressing it was via sponsoring scholarships for young people who didn't have as much support as I.

I know that this is just the first step in the lifelong project of addressing systemic issues that created this injustice in the first place and giving young people a chance to be freely themselves and pursue their dreams. But I'm happy to play a part in it :)


Le Xuan Thuy


I have dreamt of founding an organization like Lúa Non and provide scholarships to Vietnamese students since I was studying at school. It is such a rewarding experience to be able to realize my dream with Lua Non Foundation.


Growing up, my family was always struggling financially which is why I can understand the experiences of underprivileged Vietnamese students well.

Lua Non Foundation is an organization that will help give Vietnamese children the opportunity to realize their dreams. And I’m happy to be a part of it.

This project would never happen without the support of our family and friends, our Vietnamese translator, and our scholarship application review committee working on the ground in Vietnam. Special shoutout to:

Le Hong Phi

Head of the Krong Bong High School Mathematics Department in Dak Lak

Bui Chi Vinh

A veterinarian at Agricultural Center, Dak Lak province

Vo Van Son
Director at Thang Binh Department of Cooperatives, Dac Lac province

Nguyen Ngoc Tan

English teacher at Nguyen Viet Xuan Junior High School, Dac Lac province

Pham Tuan Anh

Teacher at Hoa Tan Primary and Junior High School, Dac Lac province

Nong Viet Ha

Specialist at the Department of Education and Training, Lao Cai province

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